A Message From “Spirit Possession Anonymous”

One of the minor gem’s of the 2015 Fantasia Film Festival has found a home and is slated for a VOD and DVD release March 4th. Ava’s Possessions puts a novel spin on the standard horror tale by simply asking the question “What next?”
After an exorcism casts the demon possessing Ava back to Hell, the young woman is left to deal with the aftermath. Aside from picking up the scattered pieces of her life, attempting to make amends with the friends and family members she hurt while possessed and dealing with the fallout and legal ramifications brought on during her crime spree while not herself, Ava attempts to get to the bottom of why she was possessed and who is responsible for it. It’s a unique spin on the genre. We’re used to watching everything up to and including the sometimes happy ending of the story, but we never get to see the fallout and rebuilding that occurs while recovering from trauma. While the film isn’t a complete home run-it takes some unfortunate tangents after a strong opening-it’s a solid tale anchored by a great performance from Louisa Krause.
Ahead of the film’s release, Momentum Pictures has released a nifty piece of viral marketing concerning SPA (Spirit Possession Anonymous), the rehab organization charged with getting AVA back on her feet. You can check out the organizations public service announcement below and check out their full site at www.spiritpossessionsanon.com


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