A Plea for a Really Nice DVD Edition of CREEPSHOW Here in the U.S.



Please. Someone. Anyone! Hear my cries. The UK released a sweet 2-disc edition of this masterpiece a few years back. Well, that’s not enough! We need our own version gracing the shelves of all our major DVD retail outlets right here, and right now. I want to be able to see this superior version comforting me on the shelves of all my favorite stores. Yes, I know I can just order it, but I want the security of knowing that a random horror fan shopping for movies can see it right in front of them and think “oh man, that’s right! Creepshow! I’ve never seen it, I think I’ll buy and love it forever”. In fact, I demand it for the sake of humanity.

(So jealous of you, UK!)

What does the UK have that we don’t (besides this dandy edition, I mean)? I have this totally lame snap case edition at home. You’ve probably seen it at like Target or Wal-Mart for $4 or something. It has a trailer and that’s it. I want all the extras and interviews and features about the fascinating making of this fine feature film. I want it now!

(You can’t see me, but I’m throwing my best Veruca Salt musical tantrum right now.)

Look, Creepshow is a fantastic, fun, scary movie that is often overlooked. It’s a damn shame. I have watched it more than any other movie. I used to draw my own comic versions when I was 10. I have all the lines memorized. Yes, I’m THAT guy. I love this movie so damn much it hurts and scares me. How can you beat Romero’s masterful tension and editing, the color, the perfect mix of scares and uneasy laughter? You can’t! What about Stephen King’s fine writing and surprisingly engaging screen appearance? What about the spectacular effects from the maestro, Tom Savini? You can’t beat it, I’m telling you! Great monsters, tons of blood, Adrienne Barbeau and Tom Atkins! What more can you possibly ask for?!?!?

Ok, you got me. I really just wanted to gush about CREEPSHOW. But seriously, someone do this.

I’ve been browsing youtube to placate myself and I found a few gems to share with you:

George Romero interview on MonsterVision (Part 1 of 9)

Great Savini Featurette About Bursting Roaches from EG Marshall

Behind the Scenes TV Spot (This journalist leads with “but you won’t find any zombies in Creepshow”. HA!)


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