Boston Terrorthon Invades Somerville Theater All Weekend

It’s no secret that living in Massachusetts offers the average horror fan an embarrassment of riches when it comes to choosing planning activities every Halloween season. From touring historical Salem, to haunted attractions popping up in every other town, the Rock & Shock convention, all night horror movie Marathons at the Coolidge Corner theater and the Brattle Theater’s month long celebration of off-kilter genre films, there’s too much for one person to take in.

Now the folks behind the wildly popular Boston Science Fiction Marathon have brought back the revamped BOSTON TERROR ‘THON. While it kicked off last night, films and programs are running through Sunday, and it is a jam packed schedule including:

  • Local filmmaker Izzy Lee (Innsmouth, Postpartum, A Favor) has handpicked a selection of her favorite short films for the “Terror-ific Shorts program.” Ms. Lee has a great eye for what makes a fantastic short film, and  has curated programs for The Boston Underground Film Fest in the past. This Saturday afternoon program is sure to be one of the festival highlights.
  • The area premiere of the latest wave of indie horror films including Found Footage 3D, Ego Maniac, The Wailing, Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies, along with one of the best arthouse horror films of the year The Eyes of My Mother (REVIEW)
  • A 70mm screening of Ghostbusters (1984)
  • Crowd favorite The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 35mm, with a live Shadowcast by the Teseracte Players

Tickets, passes and the schedule can be found right on the Somerville Theater’s Website (link). This is a really cool event, and I wish I could pull a Michael Keaton in Duplicity in order to take part in the action.

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