Brilliant Holiday Home Invasion “Safe Neighborhood” Gets Name Change & Release Date

When it comes to memorable seasonal horror movies, the Christmas season gives Halloween a run for its money. From Black Christmas to Gremlins to Krampus, glad tidings often give way to ignoble stabbings. Pretty soon the fine folks over at WELL GO USA will bring another classic to the world.

Formerly titled “Safe Neighborhood” gets a name change and upgrade to YOU BETTER WATCH OUT. This film closed the festivities at last year’s Telluride Horror Show and it tore the house down. Without giving away too much, it combines elements of Home Alone, Ferris Bueller and Them and is the perfect horror film for the time we live in where the snot nosed rich shits can get away with anything they want.

The film stars The Visit’s Olivia DeJonge as a college aged babysitter fending off the advances of her horny 12 year old charge Levi Miller (Pan) when someone or someones break into the house. Things devolve from there and there’s a brilliant wrinkle at the end of the first act that you would be wholly in the right to punch someone out for if they spoil it for you.

You Better Watch Out comes to select theaters and Digitl platforms this October 6th. I will not make the obvious joke to end this post.

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