Check Out The Trailer For The Slash-tastic Short THE BABY SITTER MURDERS

When it comes to festivals we tend to focus the most and get most excited about the feature films that are making their way across the country where rabid audiences can lay their eyeballs and sing their praises months and sometimes years before they are released to the general public. Yet I would argue that the truly great festivals-the ones of worth hopping on a plane and traveling across the country for-pay critical attention to their shorts programs. While these bursts of miniature cinema don’t get the love or attention they deserve often enough, they often wind up being the best part of any screening I ever attend.

With that being the case it looks like this years fantastic Fest in Austin is in great hands once again. Check out the trailer for Ryan Spindell’s The Babysitter Murders, which plays Fantastic Fest as part of the “Short Fuse” lineup on Sunday the 27th and again on Thursday October 1st. The film’s title is a clever nod to the working title of John Carpenter’s Halloween and the minute trailer reveals some fantastic old school/or nastiness. This past spring The Babysitter Murders one best short film at the Stanley film Festival.

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