“Chewie, We’re Home”: Lots To Love In The New Star Wars Trailer

The joyous and spontaneous sounds of orgasmic bliss that broke out all over the internet today was the collective outbursts from fanboys and fangirls today with the release of the first full bore trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Since it’s the duty of anyone operating a movie or entertainment site to comment on the new trailer, I am honor bound to throw in my own two cents on two minutes that left me giddy with excitement and breathlessly awaiting for December to come around.

Here’s a handful of items I loved about the trailer:

  • STAR DESTROYER DOWN That first sweeping shot of the desert, complete with a crashed X-Wing and an obliterated Imperial Star Destroyer nicely ties Episode VII in with that first, captivating image of A New Hope, where the sheer magnitude of the Destroyer let audiences in on the fact that they were in for an epic ride. 
  • VADER’S BURNED OUT HELMET The visage of Darth Vader’s charred skull resting in the melted, gnarly steel of his hemet was pretty shocking. The early rumors have it that one of the film’s new Big Bad is responsible for pulling it out of the funeral pyre. As far as I’m concerned, there can never be too much Vader, and even if his presence is simply hinted at in the new series, it won’t be a bad thing.
  • LUKE’S VOICEOVER AND CYBERNETIC HAND I’ve been trying to stay as spoiler free as possible when it comes to plot details of the new film, but one of the rumors is the Empire didn’t die out with the destruction of the second Death Star and the Battle of Endor. Seeing Luke’s false hand stripped of flesh hints at the idea that he’s endured more than his share of battles following the death of Palpatine. Also, his narration in the trailer, talking about how the Force runs through his bloodline gave me goosebumps. Does the “you” he refers to hint at Jedi children? Is it possible that Mara Jade from the expanded universe will make an appearance? 
  • KYLO REN AND THE “CROSSGUARD LIGHTSABER” I don’t care, that shit looks cool. Ren’s face guard and costume should draw comparisons to Darth Revan from the Knights of the Old Republic video game. He looks like a formidable opponent and all around badass. Let’s hope Abrams and company don’t repeat Episode I’s mistake and have him cleaved in half by the end of the first film. 
  • JOHN BOYEGA IN AND OUT OF THE STORMTROOPER SUIT Boyega plays Finn, and guess at his role is a bit of good fun. Is he a double agent? Is he someone that crosses from the villain’s to the heroes’ side?  
  • “CHEWIE, WE’RE HOME.”The gang’s all back, and Ford even looks like he gives a shit. Seriously, how cool is it to have Han Solo back on screen after three decades? As long as we can leave out CGI monkeys and Shila Labouef, I think we’re in good hands. 

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