CREEP 2 is exactly what you want and more

Hold on to your peach fuzz. Creep 2 goes deep. And I like it. A lot.

The original Creep was a plainly perfect found footage film. Aided by a paradoxically charming by way of disturbing performance from Mark Duplass, Creep found a nice following after its Netflix release. Creep 2 capitalizes on everything that made its predecessor great and embellishes on all that weird, unnerving goodness.

Sara (Desiree Akhavan) is struggling with her web series,”Encounters,” which documents her experiences answering bizarre Craiglist ads. Motivated to find a compelling subject for her finale, she connects with Aaron (Mark Duplass) after finding his request for a filmmaker who likes Interview with the Vampire and doesn’t scare easily. Aaron plainly explains what we already know about him, that he’s a serial killer with a goofy ass personality, but as he hits middle age, he is struggling to find inspiration in his work.

In what makes Sara a truly great lead, she miraculously accepts Aaron’’s job, despite all the red flags that she acknowledges to the camera. Sara really doesn’t scare easily. It enables her to not only face all of Aaron’s weirdness, but provoke him to truly connect with her. And this is how Creep 2 almost becomes a love story: a lonely individual desperate to share his unconventional life and an artist eager to explore the underbelly of the human condition.

Duplass and Akhavan command the screen from start to finish. Even the tamest shots become engrossing as they deliver performances layered with gradations of humor and heart. Somehow you manage to root for both of these characters simultaneously, even when their objectives are in conflict.

Similar to the original, Creep 2 is short and simple. It expands on the world of Duplass’ delightful serial killer, but maintains the same approach to horror: gently disturbing with offsets of humor. The found footage aesthetic doesn’t grow tiresome; rather it enhances the stripped down style and narrows its focus to the hopes and fears of its characters.

If you liked Creep at all, then this is a must. And if you haven’t seen Creep, now you have an awesome double feature to check out.  

My only complaint: no tubby time. ☹

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