Film Thrills #15: The Witch, Oscars Wrap Up, Ghostbusters Trailer

Hey everyone we are back and we have a lot to talk about this week. Dede and I are both high on Robert Eggers’ debut horror film, the arthouse treasure The Witch. The two of us rave about how it manages to make Satan a living and breathing entity to be feared once again while bemoaning the fact that the Oscars don’t include a category for best performance by an animal, thus snubbing Black Philip of an honor he so richly deserves.

Speaking of the Oscars, we have a few brief thoughts on last week’s awards show, muse on whether #OscarsSoWhite will shame the academy to provide a more diverse list of nominees in the future and fist bump one another over the success of Mad Max: Fury Road.

Also, a certain trailer for certain ladies busting ghosts debuted this week, and it’s either one of the most anticipated films of the summer or it is responsible for the rape of Men’s Rights Activists childhoods. Or it’s both. We talk about it.

Finally, we talk about some movies that we’re excited for, including Michael J Epstein and Sophia Cacciola’s upcoming tribute to Hammer Horror and the erotic lesbian vampire films from Jean Rollins Blood of the Tribades. The trailer came debuted this week and you can check it out right freakin’ now!! (link)

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since 2009 Mike has written about independent horror, science fiction, cult and thrillers through his own blog All Things Horror along with various other spots on the web. Film Thrills marks his attempt to take things up a notch, expand his viewing and writing horizons and to entertain and engage his audience while doing so. When Mike's not writing or watching movies, you can find him reading to his little girl, or doing science experiments with her, or trying to convince her that the term "chicken butt" comes from people putting chicken nuggets down their underwear. at age five, she's too smart to believe most of what he says.

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