Film Thrills #8: Jim McDonough (MANICORN)

I knew I was going to love Jim McDonough from the moment he started singing the praises of Fozzie Bear and his unique brand of humor. Hailing from the mean streets of the South Shore of Massachusetts, Jim sat down with me at our local Panera Bread (the mean streets of Hingham aren’t that mean) to talk about his latest short film MANICORN.
While I could try to describe Manicorn to you, somehow coming up with the words to detail the side effects of mixing cold medicines and the altering effects on the Universe and time/space continuum, you’re better off checking out the short for yourself. You can watch the film below. 
This week’s episode of Film Thrills offers a crash course in the garage band style of filmmaking as McDonough talks about using anything and everything he has on hand in order to make shorts films on the cheap. Taking advantage of everything from dimestore masks bought for a nickel to lax enforcement of child labor laws, McDonough brings a unique brand of mayhem to the table. From our debate over what set of anatomy determines a manicorn to the influence of 70’s and 80’s pop culture on his films, we enjoyed a kickass chat. This was one of the looser, more fun interviews we’ve had the chance to conduct, and here’s hoping Jim comes back to join us more often for future episodes. 

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since 2009 Mike has written about independent horror, science fiction, cult and thrillers through his own blog All Things Horror along with various other spots on the web. Film Thrills marks his attempt to take things up a notch, expand his viewing and writing horizons and to entertain and engage his audience while doing so. When Mike's not writing or watching movies, you can find him reading to his little girl, or doing science experiments with her, or trying to convince her that the term "chicken butt" comes from people putting chicken nuggets down their underwear. at age five, she's too smart to believe most of what he says.

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