Film Thrills #9 Director Patrick Kennelly & Actor Bethany Orr (EXCESS FLESH)

Coming out of the 2015 Boston Underground Film Festival, there might no have been a more controversial a film than Patrick Kennelly’s Excess Flesh. Exploring body dysmorphia, the cyclical nature of abusive relationships, psychosis and the way Los Angeles serves as a breeding ground for dangerous and unrealistic standards of beauty, the film is anchored by it’s leading lady Bethany Orr and the intensity she brings to her role as Jill. As an apartment recluse, Jill feeds her paranoia and self loathing one spoonful of decadent mac and cheese slathered with BBQ chips at a time.  

Both Kennelly and Orr sat down to talk with Dede Crimmins and I this past week to discuss the genesis of the film, what it means to create horror rooted in reality and why those who say “beautiful” people can’t claim to have body issues can get stuffed.

For more on Excess Flesh, read Dede’s incisive review at ALL THINGS HORROR: “Excess Flesh Rips Your Heart Through Your Stomach And Makes You Watch“.

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