Film Thrills Podcast #12: THE FORCE AWAKENS

AT THIS POINT IT’S NOT A QUESTION as to whether you’ve seen The Force Awakens as much as it is how many times you’ve seen it. JJ Abrams’ retooling of the Star Wars saga manages to recapture everything I loved about the original trilogy while reassuring fans that the prequels would be a distant, bad memory. For the first time since 1983, a Star Wars film managed to make audiences feel like they’d been whisked away to a galaxy far, far away.

For this episode, Jim McDonough returns as our guest once again. A fellow lifelong Star Wars fan, Jim joins in on what works in TFA, where we hope the franchise goes next and what it what like to take our own kids to see a new StarWars film.

As a fair warning, we spoil the living hell out of the film. If for some reason you haven’t seen it yet, by all means, don’t listen until you have. Going forward, this is the shape I hope Film Thrills takes. We’re looking to expand in a  big way next year, and part of that will be hopes of gathering our favorite filmmakers, writers, artists and more to talk about the films and franchises that shaped them.

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since 2009 Mike has written about independent horror, science fiction, cult and thrillers through his own blog All Things Horror along with various other spots on the web. Film Thrills marks his attempt to take things up a notch, expand his viewing and writing horizons and to entertain and engage his audience while doing so. When Mike's not writing or watching movies, you can find him reading to his little girl, or doing science experiments with her, or trying to convince her that the term "chicken butt" comes from people putting chicken nuggets down their underwear. at age five, she's too smart to believe most of what he says.

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