Five Things We Love About The WONDER WOMAN TRAILER

With the release of the official Wonder Woman trailer this past week, fans should be able to breathe a sigh of relief. DC Studios first three forays into the kind of superhero world building that Marvel has whittled down to a science have produced mixed results if one was feeling generous. This trailer hints that DC has learned from some of their past mistakes and might be headed in the right direction going forward. Here’s five things we loved about the trailer and why it gives us hope:

1.The trailer sets an epic scale but hints at a swashbuckling, fun tone over “grim and gritty.” From the early establishing shots of the trailer, where hundreds of amazonian forces wage battle with an invading army, Wonder Woman announces to the world that it’s going to be grand in scope. Diana is the third spoke of DC’s big three. So far Zack Snyder’s take on Superman and Batman has left fans cold and sparked fears that DC’s superhero cinematic universe will never catch fire. The two minutes and thirty seconds of the trailer show that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins can depict the massive scale needed to establish Diana’s godlike attributes while presenting an adventure story that looks fun and exciting and ripe for feating one’s eyeballs over.

2.Diana Prince’s & Steve Trevor’s relationship nicely inverts the “damsel in distress” trope. Chris Pine is used to playing self-confident tough guys on film and while his army hero role is no different, the trailer lets the audience know right away that he’s in over his head when compared to Wonder Woman. Diana stepping in front of Trevor in order to deflect a would-be assassin’s bullets is a sweet inversion of the trope where otherwise strong, ass kicking ladies need an even stronger, bigger man to come in and save the day when the chips are down.

3.The film’s setting will Allow Wonder Woman to stand on her own Setting the film in the past did wonders for Marvel and Captain America: The First Avenger and DC Studios is banking that the idea that establishing Diana’s ties to the past will set her up for even greater adventures with the Justice League. It also removes Batman and Superman from the equation and I’m hopeful that without their presence hovering over the film, audiences will discover how rich and wonderful a character the criminally underutilized Wonder Woman is all on her own.

4.Speaking of the setting, Germans are the best go-to bad guys. Looking through our analytic numbers and where our traffic comes from, I can say without a doubt that Germans: they are the worst. Even before the rise of Hitler and the Nazis the first world war came pretty close to destroying the world as we know it, and innovations in weaponry made the battlefield a hell of an efficient killing machine. There’s a reason why so many adventure tales use 20th century Germans as their heavies and that’s because there’s little more satisfying than watching these schnitzel eating sons of bitches get punched right in the snout.

5.Gail Gadot is simply breathtaking to watch This one is pretty self explanatory. Gadot stood out as the lone breath of fresh air at the climax of the overstuffed and under baked Batman vs.Superman: Mommy Issues and everything contained within the trailer shows Gadot ready to carry a tentpole film on her shoulders. Gadot conveys an air that’s equal parts regal and powerful. Also, the shot of her striding through a high society dinner in that sky blue dress with her sword tucked into the back is just stunning.

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