HORROR HAPPENS Radio Show Partners With Women In Horror

February brings two things: freezing cold weather that makes you question why anyone would want to continue living is such an ice filled, suckhole of a planet, and Women in Horror month. The month long celebration highlights the contributions women have made in front of and behind the camera, within genre literature, art and all other aspects of the genre.
Jay Kay has got to be one of the hardest working men in show business. His weekly “Horror Happens” radio show has hosted conversations with almost 700 genre luminaries in less than four years. For February, Horror Happens has lined up over two dozen guests to discuss their contributions to the field, where horror is headed and why contributions from all walks of life matter.

Here’s the official press release:
The Bunker in Blairstown, NJ – Continuing into its fifth year of horror radio with quality and smart weekly Rondo Nominated programming, The Horror Happens Radio Show hosted by Jay Kay and The Ghost celebrates WOMEN in HORROR MONTH! Heard streaming on four different stations weekly, the program welcomes more than 25 new women of horror including filmmakers, actresses, writers, makeup/FX, journalists, promoters, artists and more. The conversational series will run for 6 Tuesdays straight (January 26th, February 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and March 1st), each of the episodes will be live on HGRNJ.org starting around 4:00 PM EST.
The previous two radio celebrations of Women in Horror, have brought many first time guests to the show and nearly 60 women in horror to the critically acclaimed radio program now nearing its 150thshow, close to 1000 guest conversations and over 700 first time guests in just 46 months.
We are proud to celebrate the achievements and the horror created by women all year long but it means so much to be included in this celebration via live and uncensored conversations. We really get into detail with those who do the meat the work by focusing on all aspects of women within horror, I mean all…” – Host Jay Kay
The last two years of Women in Horror, have brought such worldwide names and talent deep in the bunker including WIH Founder Hannah Forman, Actresses Barbara Crampton, Adrianne King, Heather Drew, Allison Egan, Caroline Williams, Cerina Vincent plus more/ FilmmakersJen & Sylvia Soska, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Jen Lynch, Izzy Lee, Patricia Chica plus more/ FX and MakeupArtists Michele Mulkey, Juli Hapney, Lindsey Serrano / Writers, Educators and JournalistsMonica Benson, Lisa von Biela, Christine Bucci-Caprilozzi, Aviva Briefel plus more/ PromotersLC Macabre, Denise Gossett, Andrea Amanda, Jennifer Cooper to name only a portion of the lineup.
Horror Happens Productions as a Brand, encompasses many aspects of horror culture, media and conversation not found anywhere else. When you have a powerful and evolving movement like Women in Horror, you see that impact it makes and the empowerment it releases to the many out there no matter the fan you are. That love and art is found not only during Women in Horror Month but all year long whether the live conversations on Horror Happens Radio, the film showcase or Horror Happens Productions found at Horrorhappens.com.” – Award winning Film maker Patricia Chica

This year lineup will be nothing short of smart, versatile, talented and focusing on original visions in all of horror’s dark corners. The official Women in Horror guests and schedule announcement will be on Monday, January 18th starting at 8 AM EST on the show’s Facebook page Facebook.com/horrorhappensrs, Twitter @HORRORHAPPENSRSand on the main website page at HORRORHAPPENS.COM. Thank you for supporting and LISTEN LIVE IF YOU DARE!

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