I Invite the Horror Blog Community to (Re)Watch Romero’s The Crazies


The Crazies (1973)

Directed by George Romero

Written by Paul McCollough & George Romero

Hey guys! I’m in the middle of re-watching George Romero’s The Crazies after probably 15 years from having seen it the first time. I very much enjoyed it back then, but didn’t take it as seriously as I should considering I was a dumb, snot nosed brat. It was probably due to my immaturity, snickering idiotically at a 70’s sensibility which I’ve now grown to appreciate. In light of the upcoming remake, I thought it time to revisit and see how the whole thing aligns with/slams against my now highly evolved worldview. Wink Wink. Pretentiousness be damned.

Mike, I know you haven’t seen it, so I would wholly welcome your take on it. It would be great if others in blog-o-land could do the same and express opinions, emotions, hatred, etc. I’m not going to send out any sort of formal invitation, but if anyone would like to do this, I’ll link you up here on All Things Horror.

By some accounts, it looks like the remake (out in February) will chuck the horror of unchecked martial law in lieu of a more emotional, intimate look at dealing with a plague scenario. Not sure how I feel about that, but I find myself intrigued by the trailers. Time will tell.

If you do participate, send me an email to hallock@gmail.com or link in the comments section and we’ll get to talking. I realize the film is a little hard to find, but we have a couple of weeks to get it together.


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  1. the jaded viewer

    I think I have this on DVD. Going to have to try to find it.

  2. Chris Hallock

    Yeah, do it, man!

    When I was searching for a trailer, I found that someone posted The Crazies in 10 parts of pretty decent quality, so people could watch it there if necessary.

  3. kevessence

    Isn't it on netflix? I'm pretty sure its in my que?

  4. Chris Hallock

    Oh sure, it's on netflix, kevessence, but not everyone has an account.

  5. oducerproducer

    Watched my copy about 2 weeks ago. Bought mine at the monroeville mall!

  6. Chris Hallock

    oducerproducer, awesome!
    I used to live in Pittsburgh, but there was never that cool Romero shop that I believe is there now.

    Is that where you got it?

  7. Theron

    I just revisited it myself, man. Find my thoughts here: http://theronneel.com/?p=1870

  8. Chris Hallock

    great, Theron!
    when I'm finished writing something up, I'll link to this and anyone else who cares to join in
    It really is a brilliant film.

    looking forward to reading!


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