IFC Midnight Releases Trailer For Gonzo Turkish Delight BASKIN

This past fall I had a chance to check out BASKIN, a Turkish horror flick from Cam Eversol, and it is a wonderful, batshit crazy mind fuck of a movie. Borrowing heavily from the off kilter pacing and nightmare structure of Italian horror and owing a debt to the trail blazed by Clive Barker in films like Hellraiser and Night Breed, the film still manages to be its own unique thing.
The trailer below only hints at the insanity BASKIN delivers. That opening shot of hunks of raw steak getting sliced into dovetails nicely into a taste of the third act insanity Eversol delivers. BASKIN offers up the kind of raunchy gore and eye poppingly disturbing visuals that can trigger a chain reaction of puking in a crowded theater if there are folks that are a bit sensitive in the stomach. It’s a wonderful throwback, and it’s going to make a lot of horror fans very happy when IFC Midnight releases the film on VOD and some theaters this March 25th.
Your friendly, neighborhood synopsis: A five-man unit of cops on night patrol get more than they bargain for when they arrive at a creepy backwater town in the middle of nowhere after a call comes over the radio for backup. Entering a derelict building, the seasoned tough guys and their rookie junior, who’s still haunted by a traumatic childhood dream, do the one thing you should never do in this kind of movie: they split up. They soon realize they’ve stumbled into a monstrous charnel house and descend into an ever-more nightmarish netherworld where grotesque, mind-wrenching horrors await them at every turn. This is one Baskin  (that’s “police raid” to you non-Turkish speakers) that isn’t going to end well. But wait! Things aren’t what they seem in this truly disturbing, outrageously gory, and increasingly surreal film whose unpredictable narrative pulls the carpet from under your feet and keeps you guessing right up to the final moment. A wildly original whatsit that reconfirms Turkey as the breakout national cinema of the moment.

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