IFC Midnight Serving Up THE DEVIL’S CANDY In 2017

There was a time when IFC Midnight wasn’t well thought of in terms of putting out quality genre titles. There were a lot more swings and big misses in their library than movies you would want to sit down and engage with again and again. The past twelve months have seen a dramatic rise in the caliber of film we’ve seen from IFC. With titles that line subversive and diverse thematic material like BASKIN and I Am Not A Serial Killer, Midnight sits at the top of the heap when it comes to pumping out VOD and limited theatrical genre fare.

In early 2017 you can add the phenomenal The Devil’s Candy to the short list of standout films from IFC. A 2015 festival favorite, Candy adds the impressive pedigree of Sean Byrne behind the camera, with this follow up to the cult smash The Loved Ones.

Candy cements Ethan Embree as a genre badass (a sentence I never thought I’d consider, let alone write prior to his turn in Cheap Thrills). Embree plays a gothic painter and metal head who has passed on his love for thrash to his teen age daughter. When he and his wife love into a home that was the sight of a grisly matricide, the young, cash strapped family must deal with possible demonic influences in the house along with the reemergence of a serial killer.

Byrne’s film is tremendous and one  I rated among my favorites at last year’s Telluride Horror Show. It’s not quite as visceral as The Loved Ones but neither is it too far behind. There are more than a few moments that serve up psychological gut punches while the father/daughter relationship is among the best in any horror movie ever. Devils Candy is a tasty treat my friends, one that I can’t wait for IFC to serve up next year.

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