In Boston? Spend this week with William Castle at the Brattle Theater!

William Castle is the godfather of schlock and gimmicky film marketing. Though the quality of his films is arguable, the innovation and attention he brought to the horror genre is undeniable. He knew how to pack a crowd in and reveled in the screams of his audiences. Castle was best know for enhancing the cinematic experience by adding elements of the film right into the theater itself.

We do not typically post about repertoire screenings around Boston (though there are plenty of good ones!), we wanted to let everyone know that starting tonight, Harvard Square’s Brattle Theater is running a Castle retrospective, including the gimmicks that accompany each film!

  • 13 GHOSTS featuring Illusion-O! Are you brave enough to face the ghosts on screen? Or do you need a way to hide from these frights? Every theater patron will be given a viewer to either enhance or delete the terrible ghosts you see throughout the film.
  • THE TINGLER filmed in Percepto! When Vincent Price tells the audience “scream – scream for your lives!” certain seats in the theater are wired to buzz and add extra frights.
  • HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL will be played in the original Emergo!  A plastic skeleton will fly over the audience during the screening, just as Castle planned.

You can see the full line-up here, as well as read Deirdre’s article on 13 GHOSTS here.

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Deirdre (Dede) lives in Chicago (via Boston and Cleveland) with two black cats. She writes for Film Thrills, High Def Digest, The Brattle Theater, Rue Morgue Magazine, Birth.Movies.Death., and anyone else who will let her drone on about genre film. She wrote her Master's thesis on George Romero and is always hopeful that Hollywood will get its head out of its ass.

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