MONSTER BED (Short Film Review)

Review by Sean Thompson
Written and Directed by Nic Pusic
Killer beds have been done before: the bed from the end of the first Nightmare on Elm Street and a flick from the 70’s called Death Bed among them. That said, Monster Bed is entertaining enough. It’s not ground breaking, but then, I didn’t expect it to be for a low budget short about a killer bed.
The acting is passable. Janice played by Kristina Esposito is okay, Sandra played by Victoria Lord same deal. Writer director Nick Pusic plays Mark and has about three lines, so he did all right for them, and he played dead well. The other two guys who are eaten by the bed, Jake played by Hani Zakaria, and Petro played by Tony Babcock are also passing. When I say passing, I mean you don’t watch them and go, terrible! You go, yeah okay, works for what it is.
The deaths aren’t anything spectacular. The special effects are practically non existent, but then those are hard to do with a low budget, and I doubt Nick had much of a budge for his 6 minute killer bed short. However, some playful camera tricks could have been employed to get around this budgetary constraint. C’est la vie.
The dialogue is, well it’s there. Not the worst I’ve ever heard, some of the lines give you a giggle, but the last line of the film makes it seem as though the whole short is one elaborate punch line.
I guess at the end of the day, the problem is in the point of it all. Funny; somewhat. Horrific; no, but I don’t think it was supposed to be. I’m sure it was fun to make, having made a couple shorts myself (they were terrible, don’t even ask) and it was better than some of the schlock I’ve sat through before. I just wish something new was brought to the bed here. The getting sucked through the bed thing is owned by the first Nightmare; there just isn’t anyway around that. The getting sucked under the bed thing is Poltergeist, minus the clown toy. I know, you aren’t supposed to judge a film based around other films; it should stand on it’s own merits and faults. But, even neglecting the similarities in bed attacks, this thing was still lacking some oomph. I give it three killer beds out of five.  
(Sean lives a quiet life, with a world of darkness locked away inside his fevered mind. He grew up in Central Massachusetts. In his free time he writes for his blog, and creates fiction your parents wouldn’t approve of.)

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