New England Halloween Happenings: HYSTERIA At CONNORS FARM

If you want to max out your time spent hitting the different kinds of Halloween attractions, you usually need a boatload of time, a wallet stuffed with cash and the patience to drive long stretches of miles between places to hit. It can be a giant pain in the nutsack trying to plan out excursions.

What makes HYSTERIA AT CONNORS FARM special is it gives customers three super cool, fun and scary choices all under the open sky. You can take in one or try to hit all of the following: a haunted farm attraction,  zombie paintball and a separate flashlight maze. The farm is located in Danvers Massachusetts, just outside of Salem.

ZOMBIE PAINTBALL takes place on a tractor ride. As you’re pulled around the farm, hordes of the walking dead rush your cart,and it’s up to you to blast away and keep them from pulling you over the side and being consumed as brain chow.

HAUNTED FARM This takes place outdoors as well, and isn’t for the easily scared. Wind your way through a cornfield, alongside a swamp and next to an authentic 17th century burial ground,where terror lurks around every corner. The farm promises that the outside atmosphere provides for sights and smells unlike anything that you can experience in a normal, indoor haunted house.

FLASHLIGHT MAZE This family friendly attraction is non-haunted and appropriate for people of all ages. Apparently a few years ago one family got so turned around inside of it that they called 9-1-1 in an attempt to get out. You only have three tools available to find your way out: a flashlight, the moonlight and your own wit. Good luck.

Granted, it’s certainly not cheap, but if you don’t do the VIP offering (80 bucks lets you skip the line for Zombie Paintball and the Haunted Farm Combo) and don’t mind waiting in line then you could spend $15 each on the Flashlight Maze, Paintball and Haunted Farm. Granted, I don’t know based on the turnout if it’s possible to hit all three in one night, so if anyone has hit Hysteria, drop us a note and let us know. I tried hitting this last year, but screwed up the schedule and got there on a night it was closed. I’m an idiot.


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  1. Marz

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  2. mike snoonian

    What does this have to do with the above post?


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