New trailer for ALIEN:COVENANT: Kicks Ass, Raises Questions

No matter what, fans are always going to get excited for another entry in the Alien franchise. As May 19th inches closer on the calendar, 20th Century Fox has unloaded new production stills, behind the scene tidbits and even a new poster-which you can see below-for fans to salivate over. Granted, the last time we ventured into the Alienverse, we got the disappointing in retrospect Prometheus despite alien director Ridley Scott stepping back behind the director’s chair. I loved Alien not-quite-a-prequel film upon its release. In retrospect, despite every frame looking so gorgeous it could hang in a museum, it’s fair to admit that Prometheus lacks in the story department, and is a tangled mess of a film. If we’re being honest here, I think we all expected more of a connection to the Alien franchise than we received.

It looks like that won’t be an issue with the sequel. 20th Century Fox has even gone ahead and put “ALIEN” right there in the title of Alien:Covenant and the release of the second trailer tonight looks to assure movie that they’re getting more of the Xenomorphs we’ve come to love and crap our pants around. Check out the trailer below and then scroll down for some of my brief takeaways.

Hoo boy. Are you excited? You goddamn better well be! Here we go:

Why does the Xenomorph at the end look like Doctor Octopus? Are we getting the swerve of all swerves with Alien:Covenant serving as a cover for a Marvel-verse/Alien-verse crossover bonanza? Worlds colliding Jerry!

No of course we aren’t getting that because the world is stupid and full of pain and we can never get what we really want but it sure is fun to dream. The end of the trailer gives us our first extended reveal of the Alien, and it’s hard to shake the thought that it looks like one of Spiderman’s nerdiest archnemesis. The four tendrils coming off its back give it an eight-limbed appearance, which makes it all the more odd that it’s trying to headbutt its way through the ship’s glass windshield, rather than just grip it and rip it off its hinges.

On a side note, we’re never going to get another “man in a suit” performance for a Xenomorph ever again are we? I know CGI has come a long way, and it allows artists the ability to get creatures to move in a fashion no human or animatronic can even attempt. Still, there’s something lacking about watching a bunch pixels leap across the screen.

If there’s no animals or birds on the planet, as suggested by the trailer, is it overrun with Xenomorphs? One of the cooler images in the trailer is the array of Alien eggs ready to hatch, along with the tiny pods that release what I presume is some sort of spore that can also infect people. I’m probably way off base but if the planet has already been taken over by the Xenomorps-and what Scott is calling the Neomorphs-then good God almighty, we could see more Aliens here that we saw in, well, Aliens. That’s the kind of thing that has me rubbing my hands together and cackling with insane glee.

The dog tags that Katherine Waterson’s “Daniels” finds belonged to Noomi Rapace’s “Elizabeth Shaw”, right? Michael Fassbander is already listed as pulling double duty as both Prometheus‘ droid David and the new character Walter, so we should find out what fate befell Shaw, correct? I hope so, if for no other reason that it will sidestep the prequel’s annoying habit of tossing out a trunk load of questions it has nary the intention of answering. In the industry they call that “Lindeloffing.”

Overall, there’s a lot to love contained within these brief two and a half minutes. Snark aside, Alien:Covenant looks very cool. It almost looks like a bastardized vision of the original Alien. Instead of the barren, jagged rock structure of LV-226 we’re introduced to what looks like a lush, bountiful paradise. Watching the aliens attack this new, doomed crew in broad daylight amidst these pristine conditions is a welcome respite from the hellish landscapes and prison planets the franchise is known for. It’s nice to know that almost four decades later, this series can still lay out new surprises for fans.

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