Rest In Peace Carrie Fisher

2016 is the year that just keeps taking. This afternoon it took a Princess, a General and a Rebel. It took Hollywood royalty, a celebrated author, and a survivor. Today, at age 60, Carrie Fisher passed away after suffering a heart attack last Friday.

It would be easy to pigeonhole Ms. Fisher for the role she was most famous for. As Princess Leia Organa, she launched one of the most badass, smart-alecy, laugh int he face of danger heroes of all time.  It’s a safe bet to estimate that she was the first big screen crush for millions of adolescent boys while also providing a role model for young women everywhere by demonstrating that not all princess needed to be saved. Instead, she was the one doing the saving.

While Fisher will be most remembered for her role in the Star Wars saga, to only memorialize her for that is to do her a great disservice. She gifted the world with a number of outstanding roles and performances in works like Shampoo,  The Blues Brothers,  & Hannah & Her Sisters.  

Fisher was also a world class writer, especially when detailing her own travails in Hollywood or describing her battles with alcohol and drug addiction. In her memoir Postcards From The Edge, Fisher tackled the subject of her addictions with great humor, detail and insight. She tackled the subjects of addiction and mental illness head on, made no apologies, and in doing so helped remove the stigma and made herself an ally for millions suffering form similar afflictions. Fisher was an unrepentant wise ass and possessed a razor sharp wit which she could turn on herself, fan boys or critics without hesitation.

This past year has taken so many beloved figures from music, literature, art and film. We lost another brilliant one today. Through her work in film and in writing, Ms. Fisher established herself as an icon that will be remembered forever.

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