One of the last terrific found footage films, and a title that captures the spirit of Halloween is getting a sequel. THE HOUSES THAT OCTOBER BUILT 2 reunites the team behind the first film. Shot in what seems to be entirely in secret, the film won’t make fans wait long before they can see it, as RLJE Films plans on releasing the title to On Demand and limited theatrical markets this September 17th.

The new film picks is set in the aftermath of the first one. The original film left the ending open, leaving audiences to question whether the five friends had fallen victim to a roving gang of serial killers posing as professional haunters, or if they had unwittingly taken part in one of the most elaborate, terrifying and realistic professional haunts of all time.

Despite surviving their initial Halloween encounter, part two promises to show that the group has been left traumatized by the harrowing affair. When they make the ill-fated, and frankly head scratching decision given all they’ve been through,  to embark on another tour of the area’s best known haunted attractions, they begin to see signs of the Blue Skeleton haunting crew everywhere they turn. For the friends, a whole new world of terror is about to begin.

I for one am looking forward to this one. Not only was the original a damn scary little movie, but hosting the whole crew for a packed house and raucous Q&A at the Telluride Horror  Show a couple years remains one of my favorite memories of the festival.

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