Short Film Showcase: PILLOW FRIGHT From Patrick Rea & PILLOW FRIGHT

FUN SIZE HORROR is a site looking to do for short horror films what Funny or Die does for comedy. With a collection of over twenty shorts posted since the end of August, they’re well on their way to getting there.

One of those shorts, posted just last week, is Patrick Rea’s latest Pillow Fright. Throughout Rea’s history of making shorts, the Kansas based filmmaker has shown a knack for bringing the sillier side of horror to life. That goofiness may have never been more on display than it is with Pillow Fright, which finds a group of lovely sorority women menaced by killer pillows.

What starts out as an innocent night filled with Ouija boards and tequila quirted into one another’s mouths from water pistols turns bloody when a pair of feather pillows take umbrage to girls destroying their brethren during the ensuing pillow fight. Rea actually frames this story in a clever way in that it feels like the origins of a classic slasher film. The exception being this time it involves a fluffy pillow and not a demented psycho watching his family cut to shreds. At five minutes and change Rea packs in some creative moments, including what might be the first death by dental floss I’ve ever seen in a film.  

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