Souleater hits DVD this month

We’ve got some new DVD and Blu-ray info today for you horror fans. First up: SOULEATER.

From the press release:

Souleater takes place in a small Florida town where the inhabitants are mysteriously disappearing. A hardcore biker arrives in search of his missing daughter learns that a malignant force from another dimension — a Souleater — is causing the disappearances. Joining forces with a burned-out sheriff and a defrocked priest, the unlikely team goes to wage battle against the creature and its zombie-like minions.
The debut feature of director Michael Lang and written by/starring Loren Blackwell, Souleater is a collaboration years in the making from when the two met on the film Death Collectors (1988). Shot in the Sarasota, Florida area, the film was made using local cast and crew. Also starring Brian Kahrs, Greg Wilson, Kelly Sullivan, Joe Davison (100 Tears), and Peter Hooten (The Inglorious Bastards, Orca, CBS’ “Dr. Strange”).


Could be fun, right?

Available now on DVD from TomCat Releasing.

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