Surprise! “The Woods” Is Now THE BLAIR WITCH

Comic Con fans attending the advance screening of The Woods,  the latest collaboration between Adam Wingaard and his writing partner Simon Barrett were treated to the rarest of treats in this age of scoops and 24 hour access: genuine surprise. The cat is out of the bag, and the woods has been retitled The Blair Witch. After a decade and a half hiatus, the spine tingling world of the Burkettsville is once again open for exploration.

This is nothing short of awesome news. I’m on the record as saying that no movie going experience has ever scared me so deeply as walking out of the initial Boston screening of The Blair Witch Project way back in 1999. It remains one of my favorite films to this day. Handing over the reigns to the guys behind You’re Next, The Guest, A Horrible Way To Die and segments of V/H/S shows that Lionsgate wants to remove the stink from Book of Shadows away and get back to what worked for the first go around.

The new Blair Witch looks like it’s going to ignore the ill received sequel as it involves the younger brother of Heather, one missing filmmakers from the original. After receiving a mysterious tape, he is convinced his sister Heather is still alive and he can find her. He gathers up a team of friends and off to Black Hills Woods they go, only to discover that the reality can be tenfold worse than the legend.

You can check out the trailer yourself below. I for one cannot wait to see this once it rolls out to theaters everywhere September 16th.



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