Telluride Horror Show Adds Venue & Unveils New Artwork

With just under three months to go before the 2017 Telluride Horror Show launches, the event had the kind of problem most programmers would kill for. Three day passes had been snatched at such a high rate, there were less than ten remaining for sale despite not only the fact that a single film had been announced, but also the fest is still accepting submissions through August 15th. It’s a validation of the strong reputation the festival has built over its history as one of the best landing spots for amazing short and feature horror film that tickets have gone at such a rapid rate (*author’s note: this fall marks my fifth time serving as a co-host of the Telluride Horror Show and second as an associate programmer).

The solution: the addition of the Palm Theater. This 587 seat theater is located at the Telluride High School, and is about a 5 minute walk from the Nugget and Sheridan Theater. With the addition of the new venue, a limited number of festival passes will go on sale, as well as a “Six Pack” of tickets for $75 for those who can’t stay for the complete festival. The new venue also has the benefit of 35MM projection, so expect some big announcements on that front soon.

The fest has also released their new artwork, which marks another stunning design from Mark Zingarelli. The classic monster motif is simply gorgeous, and fans can purchase this poster, along with previous festival artwork, soon at the link above.

The Telluride Horror Show goes down This October 13th through 15th. I can’t wait to see some folks there!

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