The 2009 Cyber Horror Awards Are Announced!

The Winners of the 2009 Cyber Horror Awards are now posted.

Go on and take a gander at the awards by clicking here and then tell us how badly we screwed up while you wipe Twinkie crumbs on your sweatpants.

Thanks to Brian at The Vault of Horror for asking us to take part.

I’d say as a whole, the voting was spot on. My only nitpick was Ti West’s House of the Devil was shut out of the ballots completely. I had that down as my number one film of the year and believe that it should have at least earned a Best Picture nod, along with a Best Actress nod for Jocelyn Donahue as the epitome of a babysitter-in-peril.

Like any awards, there’s going to be second guessing and Monday Morning Quarterbacking. That said, it’s difficult to gripe when a fantastic as Trick ‘R Treat gets recognized for its genius.

What says you?

Mike Snoonian

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  1. B-Sol

    I agree, in hindsight, that House of the Devil probably should've been on that ballot. It should be noted, however, that it did get a noticeable number of write-in votes. Anyway, thanks for participating, guys!

  2. Chris Hallock

    I was also curious about the absence of The House of the Devil and then I ended up forgetting to write it in. Oh well.


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