The Metrograph Offers Retrospective on Paul Schrader Ahead Of DOG EAT DOG

When you think of the titans of Hollywood over the past four decades, it’s impossible to ignore writer and director Paul Schrader. He’s written or directed some of the most iconic and revered movies coming out of the “New Hollywood” generation, which include his partnership with Martin Scorcese on Taxi Driver, The Last Temptation of Christ and the underappreciated Bringing out The DeadWith his latest work, Dog Eat Dog coming out in New York and Los Angeles on November 4th, New York City’s Metrograph Theater is running their own retrospective on Schrader’s body of work from October 29th through November 1st. A half dozen films including Affliction and Patty Hearst will be featured. Full details, times and tickets can be found at the Metrograph’s website (link)

Schrader’s latest film partners Nic Cage with Willem Dafoe in a searing crime drama where a mob ordered baby abduction goes awry. You can check out the trailer below and see the film yourself either in theaters in NYC or LA or on VOD services when it hits on November 11th. The trailer shows off a comic bent, witch Cage being, Nic Cage and Dafoe chewing up scenery.


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