There’s A Bad, Bad Thing Living In The Woods In THE MONSTER

The horror genre is responsible for a great many public services it never gets its proper due for. The latest example can be found within the trailer for upcoming giant monster movie simple titled “THE MONSTER.” The lesson: if you insist on not getting your automobile regularly tuned up or decline to provide routine maintenance, then you should never ever ever drive through a secluded, wooded area late at night. The odds of you breaking down and being stranded are about the same as Donald Trump making a mysoginistic, piggish remark: right in the vicinity of 100%. What’s the only thing worse than breaking down in the middle of nowhere? Easy. Breaking down in the middle of nowhere and getting stalked and eaten by a giant monster.

The Monster is the latest film fromThe Strangers Bryan Bendino. Say what you will, but I’d argue the first half of The Strangers, when the couple had no idea a trio of masked lunatics were stalking them, was as tense and scary as any mainstream horror movie of the past decade. combined with distributors A24’s stellar track record (The Witch, and Green Room among them) shoots this film to the must-see list for me.

Your trailer:

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