WOLF CREEK on Shudder throws its hat into the horror series ring

I don’t have enough historical perspective to know if we are in the “Golden Age of Television,” as so many like to declare. But I do know that I don’t have enough hours in the day to keep up with all of the rad stuff that has come out recently. And sitting nicely in this current television uprising is the slew of new horror shows. From AMERICAN HORROR STORY to BLACK MIRROR* there are plenty of choices for my terror-loving heart.

The latest entry into horror serials is Shudder’s very own WOLF CREEK. Based on the 2005 Australian outback flick, the series once again features the brutal killer Mick Taylor (reprised by John Jarrett) as he slashes his way though the open landscape of the Australian wilderness.

Rather than focusing exclusively on his bloody adventures, we instead follow the lone survivor of one of his killing sprees. Eve (Lucy Fry) is a badass young woman who had her own person demons even before Taylor killed her whole family and left her for dead. When the police show that they are not especially interested in solving their murders she takes the investigation into her own hands and hits the road.

I’ve only seen the first three episodes, so there may be a change in the sea after that, but initially the series focuses far more on Eve than on Taylor. While I was a bit disappointed in this choice, watching Eve deal with her monumental loss and quest for vengeance is truly the better story. Sure, I want to watch Taylor’s killing and maiming, but his lack of planning and random attacks don’t make for riveting television.This guy isn’t Dexter, he is just an angry and violent guy who just so happens to live in a largely lawless land. No real intrigue there.

It should be noted that the series is inaccurately described as “anthology” in certain outlets. Though Eve’s investigations into Taylor’s past murders lend the series to the anthology format, it is a linear story of Eve’s hunt for Taylor. Episodes are not free-standing, and the characters all carry over from one episode to the next. That is, if they survive.

Fans of the films, even those screaming at hubris of a new chapter in WOLF CREEK’s franchise, should give this a shot.



*Just try telling me most of those episodes aren’t horror. I’m ready for this fight, bro/sis.

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