Bring Back Friday the 13th TV Series!

It’s pretty standard as a horror blogger to talk about one’s favorite Friday the 13th movie moments whenever the calendar falls on the unluckiest of days. I thought I’d take things in a slightly different direction and talk about the TV show, which was a staple of my early teen late night years. Of course, being a lazy bugger, I fell asleep at the keyboard while drafting the story, and am now posting a day late. Bully for me.

A while back I hailed Friday the 13th the Series as one of the highlights of TV horror shows. While I stand by that statement, further DVD viewings reveal more than a fair share of nostalgia tints my rosy colored view of the show. In my mind, I’m still the thirteen year old sneaking the portable 5” black and white screen under the covers in order to catch episodes Friday mornings at one am when I think of the show. As such, going back to rediscover the series with the lovely Miss Clare on DVD has exposed some of its, erm, shortcomings.

Micki disguised as a monk. A Boy Monk. Someone tell Hillary Swank to give back her oscar.

The premise still remains gold: Micki and Ryan inherit their uncle’s antique shop, unaware of his pact with the Devil. Apparently Uncle Louie sold cursed goods in exchange for wealth and eternal life, only to be sucked into hell when he attempted to renege on the deal. The antiques are evil by nature, and their owners often kill using the objects for personal gain. Aided by antique curator and occult expert Jack Marchak (that’s a hell of a title to fit on a business card), the cousins track down the cursed objects.

That said, the show hasn’t aged all that well in parts. The special effects are sometimes special in a “rides the short bus” kind of way. Some of the computer effects look like they were taken off an Atari 2600 game. Add the eighties factor-everything from that decade seems so over the top and ridiculous-and you’ve got a recipe for cheese. The acting, the outfits, the music-it’s all prett silly and sub D-movie quality. Robey’s (the actress who plays Micki) massive read hair that threatens to engulf anyone that comes within a four foot radius of it. Now that I’m not twelve, the creepy, incestuous vibe between Ryan and Micki is much more apparent. Not an episode has gone by where he hasn’t asked his cousin on a date or commented on how hot she looks.

Rupert Giles? Jack Marshak eats piece of crap like you for breakfast. Fat Ninja style!

The highlight of the show is definitely Chris Wiggins as the cousins’ mentor Jack Marshak. A definite Jack of all Trades, there’s not an episode where he doesn’t drop some awesome science in the form of a quip, pun or stoic moral comment. He essentially files the Giles role in the show. Remember the moments in Buffy were Giles and the Scooby Gang would consult the books for research, and hours would pass before the crew would exhaustedly stumble upon the item they were looking for? Phooey on that. Jack Marshak simply opens the ledger to the exact page he needs every time on the first try. Want to know why? Because he’s a fat ninja. Need a 300lb man to hide in plain sight at a murder scene in the park? Call Jack Marshak. Need an Irish monk with the worst brogue this side of a Lucky Charms commercial to infiltrate a gang of murderous monks? Call Jack Marshak. Need a master of disguise (the things the man could do with a toupee and a trench coat! Genius. ) to steal back a cursed teacup? Call Jack Marshak.

The time is right for either a remake, or better yet, a continuation of the original. I have a vague recollection of Ryan’s character being turned into a little boy in the third season. Bring back the character twenty years later, and have him resume his quest to find the stolen artifacts. If Jack Marshack is long dead, have his intelligence dumped into a Macbook so he can communicate via AI Max Headroom style. I’d be interested to see how today’s technology and advances can be used to combat the cursed antiques. Twenty years on, both the practical and CGI effects would be worlds ahead of where we were twenty years ago.

I know there’s speculation that SyFy’s Warehouse 13 borrowed liberally from enough elements of F13theS that it could be called a quasi remake. It features two government agents in charge of capturing supernatural objects that happen to be mentored by an older gentleman. However, like most things non-Battlestar Gallactica on SyFy, it is mired in so much suckitude, I refuse to acknowledge its hypothetical existence outside the confines of this paragraph.

Don’t remember the show? Check out a couple of the embedded clips below and tell me what you think. Aside from the superb Supernatural the TV landscape is pretty barren for horror right now.

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  1. Al Bruno III

    I love and miss Friday the 13th the Series as well but I do wonder if they could capture the flavor of the series. The Night Stalker remake left a lot to be desired in my opinion.

    And also- if crushing on your cousin is wrong then most of my family isn't right!

  2. Wings

    This is my all-time favorite show. Watched it from day one back in the Fall of '87 and was hooked. Was captured magic. The casting was great, and the writing improved as the series went on. Its cancellation in 1990 was a shock, and wrong.

    Would love a remake, but would be afraid too much would get screwed up.

    Warehouse 13 does have similarities to this show, but also has lots of differences.

    By the way, there is a great fan site:

    Great people sharing their love for the show.

  3. Hey! Look Behind You!

    I bought the whole series on bootleg at convention a few years ago strictly for nostalgia reasons. This show was also a staple of my youth. And in hotness and awesomeness factor, Ryan was way better than Johnny

  4. B-Movie Becky

    I have never seen them and I'm kind of curious now.

  5. The Frog Queen

    My favorite show also! Loved it when it came out and even though it did not age well, the idea is gold!

    I have secretly been wishing for years that someone would redo this one. I agree, this story is better than most anything we are subjected to today!

    I know, I know, be carefule what you wish for 😀


  6. Наталья

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Mike Snoonian

    HLBY-for some reason, when i thnk of Johnny, I think of the guy that used to do the MTV Extreme Sports Show-Dan Cortez. Ryan had an endearing sheesiness about him that made his incestupus overtones towards Mickey cute rather than disturbing

    B Movie Becky-You should check it out. It's a little cheesy, but Wings is right-it definitely gets better as it goes on. The episodes about a locket that makes whoever looks at it fall in love with you as well as the episode about the radio that boradcasted people's upcoming death's were really chilling.

  8. A Horror Fan

    With today’s tech they really need to do a reboot of this series!


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