HEREDITARY Trailer Has Mommy Issues.

*Yes, I know I’m two days behind everyone else posting about this trailer. Time is a flat circle, blah blah blah. Start your own damn site.

Hot damn, HEREDITARY looks like the real deal. A24 looks to continue its streak of putting out snazzy genre fare and if the buzz coming out of Sundance and this trailer are any indication, they have another winner on their hands. Of course, trailers can be misleading, but this looks like a wonderful mishmash of supernatural horror and psychological dread. Plus, I’m not sure what’s going on with that little girl, but she looks like she’s ten years old going on seventy and I’m crapping my pants a little bit over here. While it may not be the “scariest film in decades” that some critics are hailing it as, it looks like a damn solid piece of genre work.

What say you, dear reader?


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