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Organizations & Causes You Can Support To Take Back Our Country.

It’s a few days later and it still hurts like hell. We’ve handed the leadership of this once great Republic to a know-nothing authoritarian who respects no one except himself. A Doritos colored huckster spun a web of lies, deceit and hatred to white men and white women that saw the changing demographics of our country and were terrified by it. Trump ran on a platform of White Nationalism against a qualified and decent but flawed woman and won. We elected a man who has told women they have no value outside of their sexual allure. We elected a man who has demonized a religion with 1.6 billion members worldwide and described a whole race of people as rapists, thieves and murderers. We gave the nuclear codes to a clown that has chummed up to Putin, who has vowed to turn his back on our Allies, who has proudly proclaimed to have not studied history and who has a cavalier attitude towards nuclear war. We’ve put a man in the oval office who has vowed to make stripping away health care from 20 million people a top priority, leaving at the mercy of predatory insurance companies. Our president-elect has mocked persons with disabilities. We’ve placed our stewardship of a fragile economy that is still making slow but steady gains from its collapse eight years ago in  a con artist who lost a billion dollars in one year running slot machines. We stand on the precipice of turning back eight years of tremendous social progress.

I get the urge to curl up in a ball and scream in to the empty void. I understand the impulse to start pointing the finger at those who allowed this to happen. The country we woke up to Wednesday morning is a scarier place. One day in to Trump’s America and reports have come in from all over about nazi slogans being spray painted in public, Mexican Americans beings taunted with “build the wall” chants, queer persons being attacked and Muslims being attacked. It feels like it’s going to get worse without any hope.

We can’t take this lying down. It is time to roll up our sleeves and start doing some incredibly hard work. It’s time to band together with Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, the LGBT community, women, refugees, the working poor, the disabled and any other group that is the target of systematic oppression, hatred, violence and intolerance in order to create a better, more progressive world that works for everybody. 

Below is a short list of organizations you can donate time, money or other resources to in order to help advance progressive causes:

  • SHOWING UP FOR RACIAL JUSTICE SURJ is a national organization that networks groups and individuals of white persons fighting to help ensure racial justice. From their mission statement: “Through community organizing, mobilizing, and education, SURJ moves White people to act as part of a multi-racial majority for justice with passion and accountability.” You can find your local chapter and learn how to get involved at the link above. 
  •  BLACK LIVES MATTER  BLM has worked tirelessly to raise awareness that African American men and women have been the targets of racial profiling and violence by our country’s law enforcement and has issued worked to create a better world where they are no longer targets or victims of the systemic injustice that permeates our country at all levels. The Get Involved link will help you find local BLM chapters and events or submit an event of your own. 
  • RAINN.ORG RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network) is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. Statistics state 1 out of 3 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. By following our link you can be an advocate in the following ways: you can donate or fundraise for the organization. You can take part in their social media action center or on your campus in order to raise awareness, spread education  and provide support. You can also volunteer for RAINN’s national assault hotline or in your local community.  
  • NARAL With one open Supreme Court vacancy, and the potential for up to two more over the next four years, there’s a real probability that Roe vs Wade will be either weakened or overturned. Over the past eight years a number of state laws have been passed which make it harder for women to receive safe and legal abortions. Consider donating your time, funds and energy to the nation’s largest advocacy group working to protect and expand reproduction freedom.
  • PLANNED PARENTHOOD Republican lawmakers have made it a long stated goal to defund or dismember Planned Parenthood. The organization remains one of the largest providers for safe and effective birth control, safe and legal abortion and innumerable other health services for women including cancer screenings, UTI testing, STI testing and other routine health services. You can donate to PP or help by following and signing up for a number of community or social media advocacy and action platforms. 
  • AUTISM SPEAKS The organizations work with children, adults, and families across all levels of the spectrum through support, advocacy and fundraising. They work to fund better research and find better treatments that can improve the quality of live for all persons with autism. You can get involved through making individual donations, fundraising, or the “run, ride and tri” program, by becoming an advocate or attending local events. 
  • THE ARC provides education and social activities for  who have developmental disabilities. There are over 700 chapters nationwide. They work to help those with DD achieve greater levels of independence in their own lives while advocating for more opportunities for persons served to integrate into the community. You can support through donations and fundraising but also work as an intern or volunteer for their organization. 
  • THE INTERNATIONAL RESUCE COMITTEE The Syrian refugee crisis is one of the greatest humanitarian epidemics of our time. Millions of Syrians, most of whom are women and children, have been displaced from the homes and are living under crushing circumstances. This organization has responded to this crisis by helping over 10,000 refugees resettle and acclimate to the United States while providing aid, funding, education and day to day essentials to millions of persons in 2015 alone. 
  • ASYLUM ACCESS is a non profit advocacy group focused on the legal and human rights of refugees. 
  • HOPE FOR SYRIA is a non-profit agency that divides donations among a number of vetted, worthy non profits dedicated to providing aid and relief. They focus on both refugees that have relocated to the United States as well as those still inside Syria. 

The organizations listed are a start. If you know of other worthy organizations, please leave their information in the comments below.

Here’s some other simple things you can do:

  • Listen. When someone expresses their fear over the threat Trump’s America poses to them, do not dismiss them and offer up empty platitudes about how we need to heal as a nation. Don’t assume you know better just because you’re in a position of privilege.
  • Volunteer at local food banks, clothing drives and other agencies that help the poor. It is going to get even worse for those struggling every day to make ends meet, to put food on the table and to put clothes on their family’s back as Paul Ryan and Congress strip away social safety nets.
  • Call your local representative and let them know you won’t stand for laws that dehumanize anyone or take social progress backwards. The only thing politicians care about is the next election. Let them know en masse where you stand.
  • Get involved in your local political offices. almost 1 out of 2 eligible voters sat out this election and its this apathy that paved Trump’s path to victory. Aside from doing the bare minimum of voting, work your local phone banks, stuff envelopes, volunteer to drive people to the polls, bang on doors and make sure that we all get involved in the process.
  • Wear a safety pin. Started after the Brexit vote enabled acts of racism in England, this simple gesture lets others know you are an ally.

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